As we naturally grow older our muscles get a little smaller (called Sarcopedia) and we also start moving a little slower as well.  No matter your age it is so important to do some sort of resistance exercises to slow this process and maintain your muscle strength and independence and help you keep doing the things you love.

One of the best and cheapest tools to help keep strong is your resistance band.   With an exercise band you can train all your muscles and once you have built a little strength, with good technique, you can add a little speed to the movement as well and this will help you move a little quicker when needed (power).  They come in all different resistances and in my classes I use mini bands as well, and also have anchors on the wall that I can hook the bands to. I even have some with handles if you have trouble holding the band – it is important you start with lighter resistance and build up to harder ones as you get stronger.

There is less chance of injury with the bands, and they engage more muscles (including the muscles that support your joints) but are still low impact which is great for the older adult or any age and fitness.

Have a look at my latest video Seated Functional Strength With An Exercise Band and you can see some great exercises with the band that you can do anywhere and it is a full body workout which makes it more functional.

I hope I can help motivate you to keep strong. I work with some wonderful people with many controlled chronic conditions and the progress I see each week is so rewarding. Your never too old and its never too late.

Important Note – remember to have a chat to your GP before you start any exercise program just in case there may be exercises that cause pain or injury as there is risk with exercisestay safe…. Annette

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