What is wellness? And how do we achieve it?

 As a Fitness Trainer, I worked in Resorts promoting Wellness Packages.  Activities included exercise classes, aqua and pool games, tennis, massage, beach walks, yoga, healthy eating options in the restaurant, and fun!!  People were relaxing, destressing, getting fit and trying new things and were loving it, and many came back every year with their families.

I practice this holistic approach in my classes, which not only includes strength, mobility, power, aerobic fitness, flexibility and balance for the physical activity, but the classes need to be fun, creative, with good music, games, relaxation, and I promote social interaction and community.  


The World Health Organisation’s definition of Wellness – A state of complete physical, mental and social well being

Wellness can mean different things to different people, as shown in these examples

A conscious, self- directed and evolving process of achieving your full potential 

If you want to live a higher quality of life, it is crucial for you to maintain an optimum level of Wellness

An active Pursuit of Health

Everything we do, every emotion, down to the food we eat


We must take a plan of action

It may look different for every individual, but you can start today, and it can be very simple, for example – you might just decide to eat healthier and exercise every day.

You may decide to drink more water – and you could set a goal for how you would do this

Park your car a bit further away when parking to increase you walking

Turn off your phone when you get home from work

Spend more time outdoors with your family

Start yoga or a relaxation class 

You might replace your chocolate bar with an apple

Go for a walk after dinner each night instead of watching TV

WELLNESS is a lifestyle, it’s about deciding what health and wellbeing looks like for you, and working with others to achieve it!

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