Australian Dietary Guidelines

 HOW TO EAT FOR A HEALTHIER LIFE There are so many diets and different super foods and fads out there now, and it becomes very confusing for everyone to know how and what to eat for a Healthier Life, and Wellness. As a Fitness Instructor, and for our general healthy population, I recommend THE AUSTRALIAN […]

Physical Activity Guidelines

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PHYSICAL ACTIVITY   refers to all movement including leisure time, to moving from one place to the next, both moderate to vigorous intensity.  This could include walking, cycling, swimming or active recreation and can be done at any level, skill and can be enjoyed by everybody. BENEFITS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY There are many proven benefits […]

What is wellness? How do we achieve it?

WELLNESS is a lifestyle, it’s about deciding what health and well being looks like for you, and working with others to achieve it! WHAT IS WELLNESS The World Health Organisation’s definition of Wellness – A state of complete physical, mental and social well being Wellness can mean different things to different people, as shown in […]

Looking after your mind and body

I studied and became certified to teach a beginners Tai Chi for health, including seated variations. There are so many wonderful benefits   Objectives of the Program Improve muscle strength Improve balance and mobility and posture Improve coordination Reduce stress and anxiety Increase confidence Reduce falls Help regulate breathing, and lower blood pressure Have a […]

Indoor rowing for all ages

I have seen and tried many fitness fads over the years but the Indoor Rower has always been one of my favourite pieces of equipment, not only for athletes, but beginners and all ages including seniors. I competed in my first Masters games in running, but I wanted to try something new. I have a […]